Brian Hutchison Photography

Brian Hutchison

I specialize in actors’ headshots which I shoot indoors and outdoors around Manhattan. Although I enjoy all aspects of photography, the whole process of capturing a great headshot intrigues me. My goal is to really get to know a face as I’m composing, shooting and editing. The result is a series of digital photos that look and feel natural, truthful, interesting and uncontrived. Also, as a professional actor in NYC, I have years of experience being on both sides of the camera & understand the benefits of keeping a session relaxed, easy, fun and affordable.


Peter McRobbie

Maybe the best headshot I've had (in a 38-year career). Brian made it all so easy -- at a very reasonable price. Totally recommend.

Leer Leary

Brian is always a pro...always prepared…always polite...ready to contribute…quick with a smile. Gets the job done.

Rocco Sisto

A thorough professional with an artist's eye.

Gene Gillette

I really enjoyed my shoot with Brian. His use of natural light and the relaxed atmosphere in the room made it seem like just a couple friends taking some pictures. As a result the shots have a much more truthful quality to them. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Lucas Caleb Rooney

Brian is a superb photographer with a keen eye for composition. He makes you comfortable to express all the sides of yourself without fear or judgement. For someone who hates being in front of the camera and holding poses he was unbelievably patient and made me relax from the start. When i saw the shoot I couldn't believe how much he was able to do. This guy is the real deal. He knows actors, he knows the industy and he knows his shit. Use him and you won't regret it, fool!

Tommy Schrider

Brian is a great headshot photographer. Period. Seriously. Make him take your headshots. He's also an awesome actor, so he gets it. You will have an awesome time and you will look great. Like an attractive, interesting, real, BEST version of you great. I can't recommend him enough.

Tami Mansfield

Perhaps it's his joy that takes away self consciousness or his concentration on what he's doing - either way he's awesome. He's actually the best photographer I know. The advice my agent gave to me regarding head shots is find someone who makes you comfortable - who you feel yourself around - who you can talk to. Brian is exactly that person.

Laura Heisler

The photographs I took with Brian are hands-down the best shots I've ever taken. He also photographed my sister, and same thing -- total magic. Brian brought out ALL of our personality and humor, and we look so relaxed, at ease, and like we're having the best time -- because we were. I've never taken pictures that captured really who I am so fully. I don't know how he does that, but he's totally amazing.



(917) 599-6175


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